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Luang Prabang Info
Asian Trail Lao Co.,Ltd

Asian Trails Lao Co., Ltd.
Luang Prabang Rd. P.O box5422
Khuntathong, Sikhottabong, Vientiane Capital
Email: vte@asiantrailslaos.com
Tel: 856-21 263 936
Fax: 856-21 262 956


Asie du Sud Est Voyages Co., Ltd. (ASEV)

Asie du Sud Est Voyages Co., Ltd. (ASEV)
57/8, Souvannabanlang, Souvannabanlang
P.O box1172, Pakhame, Luangprabang
Email: Asev@etllao.com
Tel: 856-71 252 896
Fax: 856-71 253107


Champa Lao Travel Co.,Ltd

Champa Lao Travel Co.,Ltd
1st Floor, Mekong Hotel Building, Luang Prabang, P.O box9541, Phonesinouanh, Sisattanak, Vientiane Capital
Email: chamlaos@laotel.com
Tel: 856-21 453743
Fax: 856-21 453744


Lotus Lao Travel

Lotus Lao Travel
169, Luang Prabang, P.O box4134, Sithanneua
Sikhottabong, Vientiane Capital
Email: bouakhao@lotuslaotravel.com
Tel: 856-21 216 518
Fax: 856-21 216 518


Luang Prabang Travel & Tour

Luang Prabang Travel & Tour
368, Setthathirath
P.O box356, Aham, Luang Prabang
Email: lbtravel@laotel.com
Tel: 856-71 212 198
Fax: 856-71 212 728


Mekong River Cruises

Mekong River Cruises
22/2, Sakkarine
P.O box217, Ban Xieng Thong, Luang Prabang
Email: team@cruisemekong.com
Tel: 856 71 254 768
Fax: 856 71 260 389


NAGA Exprese Travel., Co.LTD

NAGA Exprese Travel., Co.LTD
Sisavangvong, Pakham, Luang Phabang
Email: khamsaming@hotmail.com
Tel: +85671 254735
Fax: +85671 254735


Sakuna Voyage Co.,LTD

Sakuna Voyage Co.,LTD
34, Sakarine
P.O box851, Ban Wat Sen, Luang Prabang
Email: info@sakunavoyage.com
Tel: 856 71 212317-8
Fax: 856 71 253057


Tiger Trail OutDoor Adventures

Tiger Trail OutDoor Adventures
269, 13 North Luangprabang
Muang Nga, Luangprabang
Email: info@laos-adventures.com
Tel: 856-71 252655
Fax: 856-71 254987


Vansana Travel & Tour Co.,Ltd

Vansana Travel & Tour Co.,Ltd
Lunagprabang, P.O box881
Sitha Neua, Sikottabang, Vientiane Capital
Email: vtttours@laotel.com
Tel: 856-21 263731
Fax: 856-21 252089


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